About Us

Who is Redworx?

If we had to do our elevator speech, we’re a specialist brand marketer, providing New Zealand businesses, government departments, educational institutions, not for profits and sporting & recreational clubs with everything from branded uniforms and promotional products to merchandise, signage & print.

We also pride ourselves on being a one stop branding shop that manages the full client experience – from consultation and design concept to product sourcing, production through to warehousing and delivery.

But, if you want the real story of how we came to be…

Why We Do What We Do

Redworx began way back in 2004 as Red Energy Promotions in Australia. It was early into the new millennium and the internet was already starting to impact on businesses’ ability to reach their target markets through mainstream media. The big push was to ‘go online’ but we truly believed that the touch and feel of branded and promotional product would always have appeal in a world of impersonal, intangible digital marketing. In fact, we believed the two could happily co-exist – we were right!!


The internet has changed the way marketing works forever and New Zealand is not immune. With the rapid growth of internet marketing and the fast adoption of smartphone technology, traditional advertising has become fragmented, making it harder and harder to get your message heard, let alone remembered, over the thousands of images and marketing messages that we get bombarded with every day.

The challenge, and our passion, is to help Kiwi businesses find ways to cut through all of that to make their message heard and more importantly, retained.


We are all sensory creatures, constantly seeking new experiences and emotional connections, even more so in this digital world. Branded and promotional products have that edge, that tangible ‘touch and feel’ that other marketing just can’t match. Physical products that make people smile, engaging them and becoming part of their lives.


Because promotional products are real and tactile, they become long lasting brand experiences, ingrained in people’s lives. This gives your business an incredible advantage over your competitors. The physical giving of a gift, a thoughtfully selected branded or promotional product, often makes an impact far beyond the investment and secures your place in the hearts and minds of your clients.


Although we’re technically in the brand building business, our real passion is helping our clients to grow their businesses. Your success is definitely our success so our Team of branding experts love getting to know you and your brand’s goals then, together creating unique brand marketing ideas to achieve them.

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